✺The  way we choose to see the world, creates the world we live in✺


Longpullover "PomPom" ,grey
59,90 € 44,90 € 2
Skirt "floral"
47,90 € ab 34,90 € 2
Dress "Black Tassles"
89,90 € ab 69,90 € 2
Knit Cardigan "Pompom" grey
49,90 € 39,90 € 2
Top "Meisie" grey
47,90 € ab 39,90 € 2
Pullover with Details,grey
49,90 € 39,90 € 2
Top "Black Tassles"
47,90 € ab 34,90 € 2
Dress "white folklore"
89,90 € ab 69,90 € 2
Hemp "Purse"
9,90 € 2
17,90 € 2
ab 47,90 € 2
29,90 € 2
Blouse Mahou "Meisie"
49,90 € ab 34,90 € 2

Seasalt Living-for those who wander...


Seasalt Living is not only an Onlineshop.

It is a global collection of all the beautiful things in the world.

It is a feeling of a special way to live.

 Salty lips, messy hair, dirty feets and the taste of coconut on your skin.

We all know these feelings by wandering and travelling around the world.

Seeing all these amazing cultures and their spectacular traditional styles & items.

Breathing in the warm air with a peaceful look over the wild ocean.

Feeling the fresh wind in our hair and the hot sun on our skin.

Soft textures on our tanned body, lighten & bright colors everywhere.

A happy heart and a relaxed soul.

This is what Seasalt Living is all about.

We all can catch these feeling for longer than just a moment.

Let´s "Seasalt-live" our whole life!!!

☼WE are happy to see you here. have a nice day.☼

For happy people, from happy people. all our products were made under fair conditions. 

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